Travel Resources and Travel Tales: Sites helpful for learning about a place, planning a trip, or just fueling your wanderlust.


Lonely Planet Bloggers: Lonely Planet maintains a program for their favorite independent travel bloggers, which Passed Ports is part of.  Basically it mines our posts for content related to their location pages, and links them accordingly.  Writers are from all walks of life exploring all areas of the world – get ready for some great armchair travel!

**This list is still a work in progress.  Check back for updates**

  • HappyTimeBlog: Ever wondered what it’s like to sell it all and go travel the world? – That’s just what we did…
  • Seat of our Pants
  • Unpopped Collar: Travel, Social Entrepreneurship and my random adventures.
  • Alpaca Suitcase: California family spends a year volunteering, travelling and home schooling their kids: 6 months in South America and 6 months in the Mediterranean.
  • Ever the Nomad: Lonely Planet author based in New York but always on the road, blogging about all things travel.
  • Just Wandering
  • Lex Paradise
  • A View to a Thrill
  • Travel With Den Den: About slow travel and sometimes expat experiences. At the moment focusing on Europe, mainly Switzerland.
  • Todd’s Wanderings
  • This Is Ghana
  • My Bella Vita: A site about living and travelling in southern Italy, with a main focus on Calabria.
  • Africa Attraction : Oliver Robinson – One of the three Gentleman Explorers.
  • Sophies World: Sophie wanders the world, mostly with kids, sometimes solo.
  • Malaysia Asia
  • Photito’s Blog
  • freewheelings: Travel – Adventure – Life outside the box – Currently in Alaska.
  • Coconut Radio: Lonely Planet author based in French Polynesia but covering everywhere from South America to Southeast Asia & more
  • Send the Bugger Back
  • Patrina Does the Globe
  • Teach Travel Play
  • A Lady in London The adventures of a 20-something Californian living a fabulous life in London and traveling around the world.
  • sunsetmood
  • Big City Blog: Sold it all – house, car, (not my soul though) – and am now based in Amsterdam, travelling throughout Europe.
  • Indian Bazaars
  • Matthew’s Travel Blog: My thoughts on everything
  • I am Koh Chang: All you need to know about the island of Koh Chang, Thailand. The good, the bad and the ugly. (Plus a bit of sarcastic humour.)
  • Grand Cycle Tour
  • I Moved to Africa: I moved to Africa, travelling, experiencing life on a US Embassy compound and waiting for the recession to end.
  • Inside The Travel Lab
  • Cheap Weekend Breaks
  • Vagobond
  • nateaniale
  • Cam The Brink
  • Tuck Joe Tuck
  • Music Road
  • Bearshapedsphere :Stories, tips and photos from a year teaching in South Korea and other adventures along the way.
  • MyKindofTownandAround
  • Traveling Naturally: Blog about traveling through SE Asia and my internship in Germany
  • Broke-Ass Stuart
  • Annette Lyttle
  • Dove Inn Bed and Breakfast: Expat in Chile blog. With a dash of wherever else I go, which can be anywhere!
  • The View From Fez
  • What Up, Vienna?
  • the reX-Files
  • Inside the Travel Lab
  • The World Is A Book
  • Hole In The Donut
  • Brooke vs. the World Brooke vs. the World is the RTW travel blog of a girl fulfilling her travel dreams one phase at a time. Travel/living in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Guatemala and Australia (and more!).
  • First Time Travels: This travel blog was created to help first-travellers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveller that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte.
  • Museum Chick: I am a expat New Yorker living in Paris. I visit museums, art and special events around the world. I share my travel photos, stories about museum visits and art spotting with cultural information.
  • The Planet D : The world is one big adventure playground and Dave and Deb want to prove to other travellers that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to have an adventure.
  • Destination Anywhere : Sshiksa blog is a travel and photography blog, covering so far Mexico, Cuba, UK & Ireland and Morocco.
  • Diario de a bordo : Diario de a bordo is a diary about my travels around the world. It’s written in Spanish but with English translations!
  • Dotted Route : Innkeeper’s blog, Dove Inn B&B in Golden, CO
  • Florence Journal
  • Fourteen months, four countries and three kids : Stories from a family with three kids travelling to and living in four countries over the course of 14 months.
  • Uncommon Travel: World Travel: Travelling, writing, being human. I write offbeat, quirky vignettes.
  • Great Places in Bulgaria: Alternative tourism in Bulgaria – the real natural wealth of Bulgaria you won’t find in brochures.
  • The Hussainity Defense : Humorous, sarcastic and sad stories of kind of special encounters that occur during my world trip post an existential crisis caused by turning 30.
  • The Turkish Life :The travels, linguistic misadventures, and observations of an American expat living in Turkey.
  • Orange Polka Dot
  • Jetsetting Joyce: The decisive guide to Brisbane, Australia
  • Jetsetting Joyce: The decisive guide to Melbourne, Australia
  • Hello, Pineapple?
  • My Kind of Town (& Around)
  • No Hurry Curry
  • La Tortuga Viajera
  • Let’s Do Something Different
  • MyTrails
  • Travelicious
  • Love & Sex & Backpacking on the cheap
  • No Borders
  • Midwesterner in Mexico
  • Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan
  • All Seasons Verona
  • Barefoot Inked
  • Scalarae
  • Adventureskope
  • Arc Magazine
  • Suzy Guese
  • The Brink of Something Else
  • The Saturation Point of Bells
  • The Silent I
  • Tie Dye Travels
  • Eat Arkansas
  • Trans-Americas Journey
  • Travelling Wakanoobies
  • Four Seas As Home
  • PocketCultures
  • A Traveler’s Library
  • Legal Nomads
  • Living the Dream
  • Ginger Beirut
  • Ottsworld
  • Briefcase to Backpack
  • Kate McVaugh’s Rambles
  • Viva Latin America!
  • Heather on Her Travels
  • JJ’s Travelogue
  • Jeroxie – Addictive & Consuming
  • I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You…
  • Roving Gastronome
  • Friends’ Blogs: The following sites aren’t necessarily about travel (though a couple are) but they are all written by friends of mine, so of course are worth a read 🙂

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