Posted by: passedportsnyc | September 28, 2010

Jordan, revisited.

The primary reason we visited Jordan was to see Petra, ruins of the fascinating and little-known ancient Nabataean people.  Petra is notable for being built into stone, rather than out of it – the immensity of the negative negative space inside the structures can only begin to hint at what must have been involved in carving these structures – and also, of course, for serving as an Indiana Jones movie set.

The scale of the place really made an impression on me. That's Max standing in the doorway.

An entire city of caves was carved into the rocks across a huge area.

The desert rocks come in an extraordinary array of colors.

But, one of the best parts of our Jordan experience was our time in Amman.  Though the city is not terribly interesting, the hospitality we experienced at the Abbasi Palace Hotel was among the best in the world.

Listening to some traditional rooftop music with the amazing manager of our hostel and her friends.



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