Posted by: passedportsnyc | June 5, 2010

Hungry Fish

The first time I passed by a “fish spa” in Bangkok a few months ago, I almost vomited in the street.  Fish spas, offering treatments variously referred to as both fish pedicures and fish massages, are all over South East Asia.  Basically, you stick your feet into a fish tank full of small fish that remind me of the plecostomus fish we had in our tank when I was little (except less suction-y), and let them nibble away at your dead skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth.  I found the whole idea repulsive.

My mother, however, was totally into it.  The entire time she was here, she talked about doing it, but had some reservations concerning hygiene.  (I still have some reservations concerning hygiene…)  Finally, on the last night she took the plunge in Koh Samui.

passedports, on Flickr”>Fish Pedicure

The fish went crazy for her feet.  I sort of though the whole thing was a gimic, but in the end, her feet were in fact much softer and smoother than before.  In my opinion there are still better ways to treat the dead skin on your feet than to let a bunch of fish chow down on them, but it did make for a good photo op.



  1. I’d recognize those feet anywhere !

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