Posted by: passedportsnyc | March 18, 2010

Trans World Expedition

This guy is so much more hardcore than we are.

Here is an overview of Nicholas Rapp’s trip driving around the world, written just before he left last fall: A Year on the Road.

And this is a report on his first four months, driving from New York City to Buenos Aires: A 13,000 mile drive south: NYC to Argentina.

Whenever we begin to commiserate about the hassle of rejoining the “real world” we fantasize about extending our trip with a few months driving around South America, or through South America to get home, akin to the first leg of Nick’s journey.

A few months back we met a French couple in Malawi doing a similar trip in a similarly outfitted vehicle.  They had driven all over South America and shipped the car to South Africa to drive around some more.  Their adventure sounded amazing – in your own vehicle you can get to so many more interesting, less touristed, more remote places than you can on public transportation.  Having such access opens up in-depth cultural experiences of the sort that are so elusive when you’re on the traveler trail.  And you aren’t tied to other people’s schedules the way you are with buses and trains.  I was so jealous of them and their freedom.

In theory I would LOVE an adventure like his, but the reality is that I hate driving, I prefer places where cars aren’t necessary, and, as such, I don’t know the first thing about cars or what to do when something goes wrong with them.  So perhaps it’s not such a good idea for me.  Not to mention, when you take into account shipping, fuel, and maintenance costs, it becomes much more expensive than traveling our way.   There’s also the issue of all that gas and pollution – I just feel better taking public transportation.

So for now, we’ll head home in July, try to get jobs and once again become productive members of society.  But if the job market isn’t good to us… who knows?



  1. I missed the trace of Nicola Rapp, a French tourist who visited Iran and purchase one piece of Grease Pump for his car.
    I am a shop keeper of different tools for personal and industrial usage in Tehran. Please tell me how I may contact him for just telling him ” Hello”

  2. His webb siter is:

    You can leave a comment!

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