Posted by: passedportsnyc | February 9, 2010

More Motorbike Madness

One of these days I plan to do a systematic study of Things Transported Via Motorbike in Saigon.  Sit at an intersection and keep track for 30 minutes or 1 light cycle or some other designated time period.  But for now, here is a sampling of things I’ve noticed on motorbikes over the course of the day:

A Microwave
A ladder
A dog the resembled a yellow lab (strapped on with a bungee cord)
Several window frames
4 five-gallon containers of cooking oil
A family of 5
6 Printers
7 80kg bags of grain
And, my personal favorite, a body pillow



  1. Can you imagine, Saigon, there is so much history there.. you’re a lucky person

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