Posted by: passedportsnyc | December 16, 2009

First Impressions: New Delhi, India

December 13
1. Smog:  I can taste it.
2. Rubble: this whole city looks like it’s been bombed out.
3. Horns: stop, seriously.  I see you.
4. The smells of India: more varied than Thailand, more pungent than Hong Kong.
5. Trash: everywhere, a lot of it burning, a lot of it rotting, but most of it sitting on the ground waiting a couple million years to biodegrade.
This may sound overwhelmingly negative, but the jury is still out.  And I know that, outside of the Western world, I almost never like a capital city.  Like I said before, I never had any illusions that I would love India.  Time will tell.


  1. If you are planning to be in Mumbai next, then please check these out…

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    Bollywood hires Tourists as extras

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