Posted by: passedportsnyc | November 19, 2009

First Impressions: Hong Kong

1. The density of humanity is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Masses of people fill every inch of sidewalk. We walked back from dinner at 11pm on a Sunday night and the streets were still jam-packed with people and lit up like a Christmas tree. It is as if Times Square at the peak moment of tourist season is spread out for miles.


2. What is that smell? It is familiar and utterly nauseating. It permeates everything, clouds every block, it is inescapable. Local people do not seem to notice it, but I am unable to understand how anyone could possibly acclimate to something so rancid.


3. Where are all the blind people? I don’t mean to sound crass, I am saying this in complete seriousness.  I would not normally make note of a dearth of blind people, but every light at every intersection is equipped with sounds for the blind. It’s as though there is a mini hammer inside of each light, pounding away at various speeds to indicate to the vision-impaired whether to stop, walk, or run. I have never been in a city so well equipped to help the blind cross the street. Oddly, we have seen several large groups of deaf people, but not a single person who seemed to be vision-impaired.





  1. […] That smell is far more pervasive in Kowloon. It is a putrid smell that permeates everything. I’ve finally identified it: fish food. A flood of memories comes to me, the little yellow plastic jar of papery flakes the colors of autumn, that I had to pinch into the fish tank when i was little. Except this smell is stronger. And it’s everywhere. Which makes sense I guess because fish sauce and fish paste are integral ingredients of most local dishes. But seriously, it is everywhere. […]

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