Posted by: passedportsnyc | September 15, 2009

Nkhata Bay Widowed Women’s Cooperative

I’ve been working with a widow’s cooperative made up of about 20 women widowed by HIV/AIDS.  The women come from three neighboring villages here in Malawi, Chikale, Njaya, and Nkhata Bay, and they make bags like this one.

Widow's bag

The villages are small, so the available market is not big enough to make the cooperative sustainable and support their families.  I am training the members who are able to read and write to use computers and the internet.  The goal is that they will eventually be able to broaden their market by selling some bags online.

Bags are reversible and have an adjustable length strap.  They cost $10.00 (USD) plus shipping (cost varies depending on how quickly you want it delivered).  Let me know if you’re interested in buying one.  There are many color and pattern combinations available.  If you’re interested in seeing more let me know and I’ll send additional photos.



  1. I would love one! Send me an email with details (!!!

  2. I would like to purchase a bag.

  3. Hi Sarah!
    I only recently found your blog (having just returned home from Africa), and had to send Katie your description of L.; we both agree it is spot on!
    It was great to meet you and Max while in Malawi, and I will continue to follow your travels now that I have found your blog!
    -Diane from Canada

    • So great to hear from you! hope the rest of you’re trip was fantastic – i’d love to hear about it! happy new year!!
      cheers, sarah

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