Posted by: passedportsnyc | September 11, 2009

Tanzania by the Numbers

Days in Tanzania: 18

Days spent without clothes of luggage: 4

USD paid to have said luggage “released:” 60

Days it took for British Airways to refund my money: 13

Number of wild animal species seen (not including birds, fish, farm animals or household pets): 26

Pairs of hippos seen mating: 1

Kills witnessed: 0

Days we had fruit, omelette (plain or “Spanish”) and white toast for breakfast: 18

Days we had an alternate breakfast option: 0

Days spent traveling by 4WD: 4

Odometer reading on 4WD (in km): 392,564

Number of times we had to stop to address breakdown or other mechanical problem with 4WD: 7

Total hours spent traveling on bus and train: 51

Times we got scammed on bus tickets: 1

Number of different driving schools we saw: 7

Approximate percentage of drivers who use headlights after dark: 40

Number of overturned buses, trucks, and train cars we saw while riding on buses and trains: 8

Percentage of cars that are made by Toyota (based on informal survey of 50 consecutive cars we passed on the highway): 70

Number of times we passed through Dar Es Salaam en route to other places: 3

Times we wanted to go to Dar: 0

Times we ate at the South African chain Steers in Dar because everything else was closed: 3

Real, non-Nescafe, non-Instant Cafe Africane, cups of coffee procured: 2

Days spent searching for real, non-Nescafe, non-Instant Cafe Africane cups of coffee: 18 

Where coffee ranks in Tanzania’s exports: 2

Number of times we slept with the shower on because the knob broke and the manager didn’t care to fix it: 1

Percentage of people in Tanzania without adequate access to water: 45


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