Posted by: passedportsnyc | August 18, 2009

Egypt by the Numbers

Days in Egypt: 10
Average midday temperature (in the shade): 108
Avg liters of water drank per day: 6
Avg times to pee per day: 2
Number of temples/tombs/ruins/archeological sites visited: 16
Avg # of times we answered “No” in one hour: 30-40
Number of times we answered “Yes” in 10 days: 0
Initial price of sunglasses (in Egyptian pounds) : 160
Price I bought them for: 20
Cheapest full meal (USD): $0.35
Number of restaurants visited that serve alcohol: 2
Alchoholic beverages consumed: 2
Meals eaten with pita: 12
Ritual slaughterings witnessed: 1
Most consecutive hours spent out of doors: 41
Egyptian carnivals attended: 1
Percent of Egyptian men who shamelessly stared at me like starved dogs salavating over a piece of steak: 90
Number of time I wore clothing shorter than mid-calf: 0
Number of days I cursed being a woman: 10
Number of camels it would take for a man to buy me: every camel in the world.



  1. Sarah, how many times somebody asked you to buy you? That is what i want to know!

    Kisses to you and Max!

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