Posted by: passedportsnyc | June 4, 2009


We bought our Round-the-World plane ticket the other day.  It was the craziest plane ticket I will ever buy in my life.  It’s actually quite economical if you can create an itinerary that works.  Therein lies the difficulty.  You sit there with the routing maps and time tables of 10 airlines and try to make an itinerary that fits into One World’s byzantine system of restrictions.  The RTW fare is clearly offered to make customers believe they are being offered a good deal.  The RTW “guidelines” are clearly in place to make it virtually impossible for any customer to actually take advantage of said good deal.  But, after hours and hours of reworking the itinerary, over the course of several weeks, we outsmarted the system.  Four continents, 16 flights – success!!

Citibank promptly called my to report fraudulent charges.  On the one hand, I am quite pleased with their security operations.  On the other hand, I can see this being a major headache, when every time I use my card in some new country, they freeze it.



  1. Everyone loves a travel blog ! (And what a witty name for a blog!)

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